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My name is Savannah, I am 27 years old and a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I reside in Santa Barbara, California while working full-time in marketing for a company that focuses on health, wellness, and self-development. I consider this blog to be a combination of a part-time job and passion project.

‘Leisure of Living’ is a lifestyle and travel site that was created 3 years ago in order to channel my creativity. I am also truly excited and involved with the posts I share because they reflect my own life and experiences.

The purpose of this blog is to motivate others to constantly be searching for ways to enhance their own style of living. In my opinion, we all need to work towards being the kind of person who cares about the planet, dreams to explore the world, and is conscious about what we are putting in & onto our bodies.

With this in mind, I chose to write about the things that I love while also encouraging readers to live life to the fullest. You will find ‘Leisure of Living’ to be a collection of travel advice, food&drink recipes, beauty tips and natural solutions.