A guide on how to be more sustainable during the holiday season! The best way to have eco-friendly holidays is to simplify: which will lessen your costs, stress, and waste. Below, you will find a list of useful tips that will help you reduce waste and decrease your environmental impact, while still keeping the festive spirit alive!

Buy from Local Farmers for Holiday Meals

Whatever meals you plan on cooking during this time of celebration and gratitude, try to buy as many locally grown and organic ingredients as you can. Doing this is also a great way to support your resident farmers and small businesses.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree OR Buy a Potted Tree!

If you can, try to buy a real tree! When it comes time to toss it, you can easily find creative ways to recycle and repurpose:

  • Donate it to a National Park, zoo, animal shelter, or back to the tree farm
  • Recycle it to become mulch
  • Use it for firewood
  • Compost it for your garden

Another great option is to buy a potted tree and when Christmas is over, either plant it in your own yard or find it a new home at a friend’s house or local park.

Do a Handmade Gift Exchange

Make a pledge to only give handmade gifts! This is a perfect way to explore your creativity or to support local artists. You can even get your loved ones involved with a gift exchange: participants have to either make their gifts themselves or purchase them from someone who did.

Use Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Wrapping presents can be fun, festive, and still be environmentally-friendly! Instead of using store-bought wrapping paper: place your gifts in reusable bags, or use natural items (like pine cones, greenery, or leaves) to decorate a recycled box. Not only will the recipient have the gift, but you will be able to pass on the idea of sustainable gift wrapping to others!

If you don’t have time to make your own gift wrapping, check out these Recyclable Wrapping Paper Sets– your gift giving this year will be cute and make less impact on the environment!

Use Natural Decorations

When it comes time to decorate, use decorations and ornaments that are made out of wood and other natural substances. Make good use of the plants you already own or go thrifting if you need to fill space! This eco-friendly approach to holiday decor can help keep your home clean and chic, while still looking fun and festive!

Purchase Eco-Friendly Presents

If you aren’t feeling like making any gifts this year, make sure to buy items that are reusable and sustainable! More and more brands are designing green products made with up-cycled materials and the planet in mind. If you need help with your gift-giving this year, click on the post below!

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