In the last year, more and more people have been asked to move their daily work routines to their homes. For most, it can take some time to adjust to a new space and schedule. Especially those who are now working from home for the first time. Which is why I have decided to provide some of my most efficient “working from home tips”.

Below are some of my suggestions on how to create boundaries between personal and work life while also maintaining positive mental health.

Set a Schedule

Typically your company will provide you with a general schedule of when to start and maybe even when you should go on a lunch break. However, some jobs allow you freedom in this area. If this is the case, I highly suggest creating a daily / weekly schedule for yourself so that you can optimize your productiveness. Write down what time you will start work every day, the time you will have for a lunch break, and when you are going to officially sign off. Also, PLEASE do not forget to give yourself 2-3 mini breaks throughout the day. Everyone needs a small amount of time to reset.

Create an Office Space

This is probably an obvious solution but you would be surprised at how many people work from their bed or on the couch! It is vital to designate a space for work that isn’t also associated with relaxing or leisure time. This will truly help your mindset and keep you feeling productive. A few things you can do to create a comfortable space are:

  • light a candle
  • turn on your diffuser
  • use a table lamp for better lighting
  • elevate your computer with a stand or books (great for anti-neck strain)
  • put a pillow on your chair for back support
  • keep your favorite products nearby: facial mist, hand sanitizer, essential oils roll on, body lotion, glasses cleaner

Find Time to Move Around

Get that body moving people!!! There are so many reasons why moving your body around can improve your brain function and mood. It is also great for bone support and blood flow. Be intentional in your movements: do a quick stretch, run up and down the stairs, dance to your favorite song, walk outside, etc. Another way to stay motivated is to video a friend or family member and have them join you in a quick, body-moving activity.


In a regular office setting, you typically interact with coworkers, so when you work from home, don’t lose that habit! Give them a video call or send a chat to talk about some non-work related things before getting to the grind. It is vital right now to maintain connections with other people, even if you can’t be near them physically.

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