Let’s talk CBD. CBD is defined as the “naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant”. It’s basically all the good stuff without the high. This oil, derived directly from the plant, has been discovered to provide many health benefits including help with focus or anxiety. The trick is to find the right company that fits your lifestyle and also provides quality, organic products. That is why I choose to use Jasper Organics.

One of my favorite products from Jasper Organics is the Daybreak CBD Roll On. It is SO convenient to use and has proven to work wonders for my concentration. Below, I am going to list out the specific advantages to using this roll on, my favorite times to use it throughout the day, and where you can find the product!

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What Makes This Roll On Help You FOCUS?

The functionality of this roll on comes from a custom blend of organic compounds, full spectrum CBD extract, and two specific essential oils. The first of which is frankincense, an oil that is universally known to alleviate stress as well as anxiety. The other oil used is white fir, a unique scent that promotes calming, stabilizing, and even energizing effects for the user.

In aromatherapy, inhaling the scent of an essential oil (or absorbing it through the skin) will send messages to the limbic system, a brain region that influences our emotions and nervous systems. So by combining the CBD with two essential oils targeting nerves, the Daybreak Roll On is proven to show actual results in terms of calming and concentration.

How Can I Know It’s of Good Quality?

One of the main reasons I buy from Jasper Organics is because of the transparency they have with their customers. The company truly wants to provide safe products that actually work. With a simple, 7-step process, Jasper Organics will deliver %100 of the time:

  1. The hemp is organically grown on a little farm in Colorado
  2. Then, the GMP facility extracts the full spectrum oils from the plant using Co2
  3. Each product goes through an extensive cleaning process
  4. A mix is made of the organic ingredients to make the product 
  5. Once product is made, every batch is tested for optimal quality
  6. The final product is sent out for testing once it arrives at the distribution warehouse
  7. Finally, your plant-based remedy is delivered directly to you

When Should I Use the Daybreak Roll On?

Since the goal of this roll on is to promote mental stability and overall well-being- I highly suggest using it when your concentration is of the utmost importance. These are my favorite situations to use Daybreak:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Before a big presentation
  • During a hardcore study sesh
  • Walking into an interview
  • Throughout a long day of errands, gym time, and lots of productivity!

Have I convinced you yet?! Head on over to the Jasper Organics website for the Daybreak roll on and don’t forget to use my LOLCBD discount code! It is live for 15% off any Jasper Organics products NOW!!

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