Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned sommelier, or just a lover of drinking wine, there are certain tools needed to enhance your sipping experience. I have compiled a list of six essential wine tools that are among my personal favorites. These are key to enjoying any wine in the best yet simplest way.

Wine Opener

Definitely the most important item on this list! Get yourself a fancy little corkscrew and open your bottles of vino like a pro. Or you can go the more technical route and buy an electric opener, which will do all the heavy lifting for you! Just remember, owning the right bottle opener will ensure you don’t damage the cork or worse, drop the bottle. We all know it’s a crime to ruin a bottle of wine.


For the lovers of big bold reds. You and I would become fast friends. It also means that you need to invest in a decanter. These glass creations will expose your wine to a little oxygen, allowing it to open up, and become more complex. It also just looks really cool. Ditch the bottle and buy a decanter!

Wine Preserver

This is for those of you who have any ounce of self-control (I envy you). If you are looking to save your wine for a later date, using a vacuum pump is one of the cheapest and effective ways to do so. They remove air from the bottle in order to slow down the oxidation of the compounds in the wine. Allowing you at least 2-3 extra days of drinking a glass with dinner.

Wine App – Vivino

My job is not done unless you have downloaded this app by the end of the post. Vivino is the most downloaded wine app, it’s free, and offers personalized recommendations on wine. My favorite feature is that it lets you take a picture of any wine label, then delivers a detailed description, rating, and price range within seconds. An absolute savior for people who have trouble making a decision while standing in front of rows of wine.

Wine Rack

Properly storing your wine is extremely vital to the quality and longevity of the bottle. First thing to know is that all of your wine should be laid horizontally. This ensures that the cork remains moist and swelled, which will prevent your wine from unwanted air contact. With this in mind, why not use it to your advantage? There are so many chic wine racks available online or in store that will allow you to keep multiple bottles at a time. Use your inner interior design to grab the best one!

Tasting Notebook

I only suggest this for people who are ready to do more than just drink their wine. As most of you know by now, a few glasses of the good stuff can cause your memory to become a little foggy. Therefore, the only way to remember what you love is to take notes. Whether you use a pocket journal, or jot your thoughts into your phone, the important thing is to provide a way to educate yourself in the future.

BONUS: “The New Wine Rules”

Throughout my journey of getting to know wine, this has helped tremendously with the caution I used to have with picking out a “good wine”. It also gives insight into the reasons behind all the procedures that come with owning and opening a bottle. This nifty little book will guide you through the world of wine so that you can achieve more knowledge than the average drinker.

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