What if I told you that you could start cleaning your entire home with just a few simple ingredients? This means no more toxic and expensive products filling your shelves! My easy recipe for a DIY natural all-purpose cleaner is a great alternative to anything you could buy in the store. It is also much safer for your skin and creates a healthier home environment.

This DIY natural all-purpose cleaner is an efficient spray for any surface in your home. Once you see how well an eco-friendly option can work, you will soon be tossing your chemical-filled cleaners and starting a natural collection of your own!

How to Make

Mix the following in a 16 oz. spray bottle:

Once combined, gently shake the bottle and store at room temperature

Essential Oils to Use

  • Lemon – an energizing scent, also known for its anti-fungal properties
  • Pine – has uplifting and air purifying qualities
  • Peppermint – great for anti-bacterial purposes
  • Orange – creates a fresh aroma and used for boosting immunity

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