The ideal carry-on will be filled with products that keep you comfortable, clean and cute during any journey.

Easy to Eat Snacks – It is inevitable that you will get the munchies at some point. Pack some healthy, low-odor snacks such as mixed nuts, granola bars or dried fruit. Another option is to make your own eats: check out this list of DIY bites.

Paperback Book – In-flight entertainment is necessary to kill time. Find yourself a page- turner that will fit neatly in your bag. Check out this list of books that will spark your wanderlust -even when you are traveling!

Reusable Water Bottle – Staying hydrated is important because of the low humidity on airplanes. The best way to do this is and to save money is by bringing your own water bottle.

Volumizing Dry Shampoo – This is considered a lifesaver to many, because it will give your hair a pick-me-up it needs after a journey in the skies! Just a few quick sprays after you disembark and you will be given a whole new look. I suggest trying Batistes travel size bottle.

Moisturizing Lip Balm – I know from experience that nothing feels worse than having chapped lips during a long flight. Keeping a lip moisturizer handy for those moments is vital. For those who like to stay chic, make sure to buy a tinted one.

Supportive Neck Pillow – Riding on an airplane is the perfect chance to catch up on some shut eye for all the adventures ahead. However, the proper equipment is important or you can end up with a sore neck. Here are some of Amazons best.

Refreshing Underarm Wipes – These will keep you feeling fresh during and after your trip. Pacifica’s Deodorant Wipes are made with essential oils, are all-natural, and aluminum-free!

Layering Up – Airplanes have this weird way of only being really warm or really cold. Make sure to wear comfortable, light-weight clothing that you can choose to wear or store away. I have discovered that a long cardigan is perfect for flights. It can be worn as a sweater, used as a blanket, or bundled around your neck like a scarf.

Hydrating Facial Mist – I am currently using Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner for all my travels. It gives my skin much-needed hydration and glow. Not to mention it is an inexpensive alternative to most other face sprays on the market!

Flying can be a hassle or a hiatus— stick to these basic items and your long flight will be an easy one!

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