Self-care is important because it helps maintain your positivity and overall well-being. One of the best ways to show self-love is finding the little things that make you happy. In other words, TREAT YOURSELF. This doesn’t need to be expensive or extravagant. A few small acts that will boost your self-esteem as well as your general mood can do the trick. So, with the help of this list, I encourage you to take some time out of each week and reward yourself for just being you.


Grab your favorite self-care products and create a much-needed spa day! You can do your own mani & pedi, give your skin some love with a dry brush, put on a face mask, and relax. I can tell you from personal experience that spending time taking care of yourself will encourage a positive mindset.


Put away your phone and spend time with the number one person in your life- YOU! Take a nap, go visit a museum, or see a matinee of the newest movie. You will be surprised at how calming it is to be away from technology for even a short period of time.


The best way to clear your mind and be your best self is to spend time outside. The saying is true that “fresh air will do you some good”. So, plan a hike to see the sunset, visit your local farmers market, or if you can, plant a new garden! Explore the world around you and get a little tan while you are at it!


What better way to show yourself some love and ease any long-held tension than a DIY massage? Not to mention you will be saving a lot of money! I typically use massage balls for my back, but I have known some people to use this self-massager for their neck & shoulders. Another option is to do it the old-fashioned way and use your hands. Either way, massage is so beneficial in bringing balance to your body.


Open a bottle of wine, order from your favorite delivery spot, and binge watch a new show! The most important aspect of this is to not feel guilty about lounging around in your PJs all day- a little down time will go a long way in terms of resetting your mind, body, and soul.


If you are like me, you are always munching on something when you have a little time to kill. So why not spend a few moments in the kitchen making something that is good for you? There are endless recipes for healthy bites on the internet! Or you can test out my clean recipe for blueberry -banana bread or these no-bake granola bars. YUM!


Don’t be afraid to splurge every now and then! I am not saying to go on a crazy shopping spree or buy a new car. But, if you have the funds, gift yourself those shoes that fit just right, or that fancy top you’ve had your eye on. If money is tight, then find a decadent piece of candy you like or a nice bottle of wine. Just find whatever is right for you.


Light some candles, get out your best-smelling bath bomb, and be ready for the ultimate soothing experience! Taking a bath filled with the right products and oils can be so beneficial for your muscles and your mind. Click here if you need help with a few oil recommendations. Now just sit back, relax, and breathe deeply.


Choose a small part of your home and do a little feng shui-ing. Redecorating can be such a satisfying experience, especially if it is something that you have been wanting to do for awhile!  It will bring new life into that space and make it feel good as new- which is great inspiration for your creative and productive spirit.


Take time to teach yourself a new skill! Or just do something that will relax your mind: paint, start a journal, enjoy an adult coloring book, etc. I always found crafting to be great with easing a busy mind and very constructive for any extra time that I have.

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