Atlanta, Georgia has become a hub for restaurants featuring global cuisines. The problem is, there are now so many spots to choose from! It can be hard to distinguish the authentic from the imitators. Lucky for you, I have been living here for almost 8 years and have found the more credible places to dine. So for all of the local foodies and visiting connoisseurs, I have created a list of my favorite ethnic restaurants in & around the city.

Tacos La Villa 

Located on Cobb Parkway, around 25 minutes from downtown Atlanta, this discreet shopping-mall restaurant is serving some of the best tacos in town! Tacos La Villa has food as cheap and as authentic as you can get! From classics like flautas, tostadas, and spicy chorizo tacos – you can’t find a dish you won’t love. One of the best aspects of the dining experience is their DIY salsa bar- where you can add as much fresh salsa and pickled radishes that you desire!

La Tavola

For those looking for impeccable service along with their delicious food, this spot is the place for you! La Tavola is a cozy establishment tucked away off the corner of Highland and Virginia Avenues – serving seasonal specials, rich wines and hand-made pastas. On Monday evenings, you can visit for their pasta deal which features 3 classic pastas for 10 dollars each. No matter when you go, you will leave this charming restaurant feeling like you’ve walked out of a real Italian trattoria!

Desta Ethiopian Kitchen 

Ethiopian can be pretty intimidating for those who have never tried it before. But fear not! This exotic cuisine is full of flavor and freshly-made. Some of the meals can be pretty spicy but you can order injera, a spongy & fermented bread, to sop everything up and to cool off your tongue. Desta has become a local favorite – which is proven by the amount of people who pack the dining room every evening. These traditional Ethiopian dishes are well-balanced and always served with a warm smile. 

Atlanta ChinaTown

This small food court inside of the Chinatown strip mall is serving fare from Chinese, Taiwanese, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Laotian and Korean cultures. The food selections at each of the restaurant stalls are immense and enticing– like pork belly with spicy hoisin sauce, hand-pulled noodles, and Shanghai steamed pork buns. I highly recommend ordering at least 3-4 plates of food to share so that you can get the full experience.