5 Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic materials have become so commonplace that our Earth is now filled with large amounts of non-perishable waste. The trash we are leaving behind has devastating effects on ecosystems around the world. In order to contribute to helping our planet get back on its feet, we need to adjust our habits to ensure that our environmental footprint becomes smaller.

Here are 5 surprisingly simple ways to reduce the use of plastic in your daily routine:

1. BYOB (bring your own bags) – always keep cloth shopping bags in your car for whenever you need to run errands.

2. Use a refillable water bottle – this helps save money by decreasing the amount of plastic water bottles you buy AND your beverage will stay cool for a longer period of time.

3. Buy your own straws – if straws are a must for you, purchase a pack of reusable straws and carry one with you. Just make sure to specify “no straw” with any beverage order and you are good to go!

4. Stop using produce bags – when grocery shopping, do not put your fruits and vegetables in the plastic bags that are provided.

5. Invest in a glass Tupperware set – this will reduce the amount of plastic wrap you use when saving leftovers. You can also start bringing your own containers to restaurants if you feel inclined.

Be the change and others will follow 🙂

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